About this website

Me with my husband Ian

So here I am: glam rock hen into movies and music. Auntie, animal lover, yogi, horror fan. As it says on my social media profiles. I've been running this site for 15 years now and over the years its shrunk somewhat: in the pre-Live Journal, pre-Photobucket, pre-MySpace days when I started it, it was originally a repository for anything and everything I wanted online, from scanned in wedding photos to theatre reviews to pictures of the cat to an essay on Meat Loaf. Then I narrowed it down to films, glam rock and travel, and now it's just films. Because life's too short to review everything. But hey, there are quite a lot of film reviews.

I'm the one on the right, by the way. The other one is my husband, Ian.

This site is run entirely for fun and doesn't make me any money. I'm not affiliated to any of the sites I link to, I just like them or think they're useful.

All text is Elaine Macintyre. If you'd like to use any of my reviews or articles on your website feel free, but please please credit me and include a link to my site! You could even let me know...

Oh, and the Temple of Glam may finally have fallen down, but if you're missing Dress CC you can still find it here...